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Featured in 365 Awesome Designers (No. 350)

Glad to be featured in “365 Awesome Designers" site project - by Matthias Mentasti

Having two Dribbble invites to giveaway. Anybody interested, then send me your best work or link to your portfolio to debashis[at]enhive before Nov 15, 2012. Will be announcing the draftees on the same day. Thank you :)

At last…I am a Dribbbler!

My sincere thanks to Andrej Matic for drafting me on Dribbble. It’s been half a year since I have been waiting for this opportunity and since I wrote this article (with frustration may be…LOL!). Wish to have cool dribbbling |:o   !!

I am not on Dribbble. But does it really matter, now?

Its been a year since I have been trying to get an invite to join Dribbble. But it is really difficult to get one unless you are very lucky. Recently, I got a chance to join Dribbble’s prospects list. No doubt, Dribbble has got a lot of wonderful designers sharing their recent works. It’s really cool to browse through their projects lists too. But does Dribbble ensure by placing a strong emphasis on quality, always?

Perhaps, it is not always, you ensure your invite is really worthy when it comes to maintaining the sole motto of an invite on Dribbble. I have seen many designers use Dribbble as Logopond!!

Nevertheless, the Dribble invite has become a status symbol for many designers and for some it has become a medium to escalate or market themselves. Well, the marketing policy is quite simple - just post an article naming “Dribbble Invite Giveaway” on your blog. Now, hundreds of designers and followers will drive-in to your blog :)

Here is another example of getting the invite on Twitter. @dribbbleme claims to be the best place to find Dribbble invite and so on.

How far these sort of giveaways are worthy to get a right Dribbbler? I believe the invitation should be based on evaluation or else that place becomes a complete mess.

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