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FAQs on font licensing | contd…

In my previous post, I had discussed how Typetheque explained its font licensing options. And in this post, I would like to continue with few important FAQs, like -

Who should buy fonts, the client or designer? (referred)

Fonts are software, which means that everyone who uses them needs to have a license. If a designer is making a poster for a client, it is the designer (end user), not the client, who needs to buy a font license. If clients wish to use the fonts as well, then they too need to buy their own licenses.

Can I modify/alter every fonts I purchase?

Most font software publishers will not allow their software to be modified in any way without permission from the publisher. Read more by downloading AIGA’s “Use of Fonts" (PDF version).

——————updated, July 16, 2012

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Loved the way Typotheque explained its “fonts licensing options” with a cute tabular form ! This is certainly helpful for those who scratch their head to know what and which license is appropriate for their needs.

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