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A designer must be a good social-communicator

Communication always plays a crucial role when it comes to design business. A designer must be a good communicator - whether it is verbal/oral or non-verbal.

In social media, non-verbal communication is much trickier and sometimes harder than it seems. Because you are open to a certain group or community of people where your communication actually projects your image not only to like-minded people but also to people who still want to understand you. Their views can differ and you may be accepted by your peers or restrained by observers!!

I was working on a design project that was getting quite a good feedback at my client’s Facebook and actually unknown to me. Days after completing the project I discovered that the initial drafts were appreciated by number of people (my client’s peers). And amongst them, only one comment drew me to write a thank you note on my client’s Facebook wall. I did so by thanking and emphasizing with much appreciating that one comment showing my interest. There I did the mistake - “I must have thanked everyone equally who really liked my works, whereas, I confined myself”. I realized it later but it was too late. I think, I failed to create an impression there !!

Nevertheless, mistakes happen and that can be lessened if you can open yourself to answer the following:

  1. the Audience: Whom you are communicating?
  2. the Theme/Gist: What you are communicating?
  3. the Place: Where you are communicating? and
  4. the Process: How you are communicating?


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