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Reading begets experience begets results - Part 1

In these days, I was not so active in social media because to be very frank, I think I am not quite there where I should be! I am not feeling positive to handle different projects till I learn how I should convey the right message and in which way? Not that I am feeling incapable or overly biased by something - rather I have become more receptive and open to make my skills more stronger. So may be the reason why I decided to hibernate from social media for some time.

I am learning and gaining experience to get to know how design communicates visually and that to effectively? It all started with my design studio branding about six months ago and I am still in the middle of that project!! Initially, I was quite unsure - what should I do? and where should I start? And at the same time, I thought that I should continue with logo and brochure design. Despite of the hurdles like budget constraints and less-experienced printers in my town - I decided to have my brochure printed, at first.

Huum, this is not it - I had to go with several iterations and modules to get the final design -that of course, forced me to read a lot and sit with my clients to understand what would influence them and how they want me to approach them or vise-verse?

Nevertheless, I have sent my design to the printer and waiting for the prints. But my experience with the printer is still obscure! Why? What am I afraid of?

Just like this, there are many questions in mind- still the answer is same, i.e., go-get the knowledge :) It is always a designer should seek is what he learned today! And that makes him confluent with the ever changing standards of design. Well, design is science and few theories are constant but still few are new and unknown to most who struggle to know how design influences and communicates with prospects mind?


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