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Branding is no more static

I really enjoyed reading “Brands as Patterns" by Marc Shillum. He describes how smaller ideas can be executed as patterns to make a brand speaks. After all, a brand is what you perceive and find concurrently affecting your level of emotion, which is of course - "what you see is what you get" and that continues with your experience to get more and more out of it, where brands preferring more agility to stand-out.

In respect to that, branding is not anymore considered static because it is not anymore confined to a specific sphere to speak that agility and dynamism. Rather it has gone beyond. Specifically, versatility is considered more while making the logo or the identity that goes under stellar process, in fact! Designers spend much hours to get the exact inspiration for their ideas on products, services, graphics, colours, textures, patterns and above all, types!

I have observed that most need their brands to talk with people and about their culture and languages! Thus, they prefer their brands to associate with consumers daily-life. For that they have embraced the ever changing fashion to tingle with their brands [example: Google (more of Google) ].

I feel this is good because designers get the liberty to explore the infinite possibilities to get the ideas and have the horizon in front of them to develop effective brands!!


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