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My first impression on @LogoNest book 01

Just received a copy of Logonest 01 book. It’s an awesome hardcover, very well printed book. My first impression was ‘wow’! I browsed the whole book in a single shot.

Solid hardcover with a electric-orange color wrapper makes the book quite lucrative and attractive. A reader will love to browse to discover what’s in it.

The book contains few featured articles (7 articles) and cases (3 case studies) of popular designers and 112 pages of featured logos (448 logos of 130 designers all over the world) designed in the year 2010. This is quite there.

I feel only few things could have been taken care of while making this book:

  1. Numbering the pages where logos are featured
  2. 6 logos per page instead of 4 logos to reduce unwanted and unused white spaces to avoid distraction while browsing.
  3. Logo browsing and info (below each page) arrangement seems vertical and horizontal respectively that makes reading difficult.
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